There are all kinds of reasons people choose to whiten their teeth. Black tea, coffee and colas are all notorious for causing stained teeth. Cigarettes and other tobacco products are also known for causing this unattractive look. You will find the best whitening tips for you in this article and find out what method will work best for you if stains pop up.

Brush first before applying home whitening products. Whitening teeth products will work best if your teeth are clean. When you whiten dirty teeth, you may create an uneven shade, so prior to whitening try brushing and flossing away obstacles.

PRO TIP! If you notice that your gums are extremely sensitive to the two hour white strips you leave on then try switching to 30 minute strips instead. Despite the fact that it will require a fortnight of semidaily applications, your gums will probably be thankful.

Laser teeth whitening is one of the best options when it comes to whitening your teeth. Your teeth will look whiter after only a few sessions. This process involves painting the teeth with a bleaching agent and then activating the agent with a laser. In a matter of minutes, your teeth will become 5-6 times whiter and brighter than ever before.

The first thing that you should do to whiten your teeth is to regularly attend dental cleanings. Get on some six month schedule for cleaning and set your appointment for your next cleaning when you’re in there. You should be covered by your dental insurance, so there is no excuse for skipping these treatments.

You will want to increase the amount of raw foods like fruits and vegetables into your diet. Highly processed food and junk food causes discoloration of the teeth and cavities. Stay away from this type of food for healthy teeth. Also, reduce the amount of snacks you eat to keep a bright, beautiful smile.

PRO TIP! Ask your dentist to whiten your teeth for quicker, more effective results than you can get at home. You’ll have whiter teeth after just a couple of visits to your dentist.

Although mouthwashes help to improve the health of your mouth, they also cause teeth discoloration. If you must use a mouthwash, use one that does not have any color to it and that is not strong.

Brush immediately following each meal to avoid discolored teeth. A cleaning right after a meal minimizes the staining effects some foods have by giving stains no time to set on your teeth. Coffee is at the top of this list.

Drink as little coffee and dark tea as possible, and quit smoking. All of these will cause your teeth to stain a dark brown. If you can’t live without tea or coffee, use a straw to drink it, keep your lips covering your front teeth, or brush teeth immediately after your drink is finished. Coffee, tea and tobacco are the three main culprits responsible for discolored teeth.

Red Wine

Red wine often causes teeth discoloration. If someone is an avid wine drinker they will usually have discolored teeth. The darker the wine, the more staining will occur. The only way to avoid discolored teeth from red wine is to stop drinking it, or at the very least, reduce the amount you consume.

Keep in mind that whitening products are only effective on your natural teeth before you launch into a full-blown whitening regimen. If you have any sort of artificial teeth, they won’t whiten at all. If you whiten your natural teeth, it could make the dental work stand out in a way that you might not be happy with.

It doesn’t matter if you smoke or drink coffee, these tips can help make your teeth sparkle like new. Use tips to get a great smile.

Many people are interested in enhancing teeth whitening with natural food supplements, but many also do not have the knowledge necessary on the topic. This article has so much information, you’ll be ready to move forward with confidence. Begin using the information that you have learned about enhancing teeth whitening with natural food supplements from this article.